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Nykaa Refund Scams: How can you save yourself from Nykaa Scams?

Scam Alert Nykaa

Attention Nykaa Shoppers! Fake refund scams are lurking, tarnishing the online beauty giant's image. After Flipkart and Amazon, we have another big marketplace that has become the bread and butter of scammers in India. With the advent of UPI on multiple platforms like Gpay, Phonepe, PayTM etc. and the poor privacy management protocols of marketplaces like Nykaa, user data has been compromised greatly. Even the scammers have gotten smart and found workarounds to all shields. Let's explore how this Nykaa scam works.

The new trend in the market is refund scams. It’s one where you receive a call from a random person citing to be the representative of Nykaa and assures you a refund on your order. These scammers have a way of knowing about your pending refund from social media platforms where people openly write about their problems to get a satisfactory response like the one here: 

Then they can send payment requests to your UPI account too as this one:

Meet Priya[altered name], a loyal Nykaa customer excited about her recent purchase. But joy turns to frustration when a missing product leads to a refund request... and silence. She tries to contact customer care but gets frustrated with the poor service and delays in response. With no other option left, she chooses to lash out at Nykaa on Twitter citing her concerns with her order ID and other details. 

Weeks later, a "Nykaa representative" calls, promising a faster refund with UPI. He establishes trust citing all the information Priya has mentioned on Twitter. Looking at the urgency, Priya shares her details - only to realize it's a scam!

The scammers use a Nudge tactic to scam you. First, they send you some money and tell you they mistakenly sent it. Then they ask you to pay it back. One does it thinking it’s harmless. By this point, you start trusting them. Then they increase the asked amount saying they would refund the rest. And that’s how scams happen. It is then followed by a series of smaller transactions. They sometimes ask for OTPs linked to your bank accounts. 

Beware the Shadows:

Priya's story isn't unique. Scammers exploit refund delays and confusion, weaving elaborate schemes to steal via:

  • Random UPI Money Requests: They cast wide nets, hoping someone approves a "verification" request disguised as a refund.

  • Urgency & Deception: They manipulate trust and anticipation, turning a normal process into a pressured situation.

Empower Yourself, Stay Safe:

Don't become another victim! Follow these crucial steps:

  • Verify Calls & Messages: Contact Nykaa directly through official channels to confirm any communication.

  • Guard Your Information: Never share your UPI PIN or approve suspicious debit requests.

  • Report Scams Immediately: Inform Nykaa and relevant authorities to help shut down these schemes.

  • Stay Informed: Learn common scammer tactics to protect your digital identity.

Together, We Can Shine a Light:

Priya's experience exposes the dark side of online convenience. Sharing her story empowers others to shop smart and navigate the digital marketplace with confidence. Many people are being scammed every day but nobody speaks about their personal experiences as it makes them feel like a fool and that is what these scammers are so confident about. Remember:

  • Be vigilant, and stay informed.

  • Question everything, protect your details.

  • Report scams, and help make online shopping safer for everyone.

What to do if something like this happens to you?

If you find yourself trapped by a scam call, it's crucial to act swiftly. Reach out immediately to the cybercrime helpline at 1930 to report the incident. Upon doing so, you'll be provided with an acknowledgment number via SMS. Following this initial step, you're required to furnish further details within a reasonable timeframe through the official portal at, facilitating the police's investigation process. Ensure that you provide comprehensive evidence, including call logs, screenshots, and bank statements, to aid in a thorough and efficient investigation.

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