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Nike vs Comet: Comparing Post-Purchase Experience of These Top Sportswear Brands

Nike and Comet are two of India's biggest names in the sportswear industry. Nike is the world's leading sportswear brand known for its top-quality shoes and athletic apparel. It has a massive presence nationwide, with numerous retail stores and online shopping options. Comet is a popular Indian brand that is rapidly growing in popularity. Though smaller, Comet is making a mark with its stylish yet comfortable sneakers and shoes.

Both brands aim to provide a great customer experience. However, their approach to post-purchase service differs. Nike has various service centers and authorized retailers where customers can get their products repaired or replaced under warranty. It also has multiple customer support options online and on the phone. On the other hand, Comet focuses more on direct customer connections. It handles after-sales queries through email and social media to offer a personalized touch.

This article compares Nike and Comet's post-purchase service and experience with their customers in India. It analyzes aspects like warranty policies, repair and replacement options, customer support channels, and turnaround times to determine which brand stands out in satisfying customers after the sale.

Product Quality and Comfort

When it comes to product quality and comfort, both Nike and Comet are renowned for making top-notch shoes. However, there are some key differences in their approaches.

Nike is known for using high-quality, cutting-edge materials in its shoes. Some of its popular sneaker lines, like Air Max and React, use premium cushioning technologies that provide excellent comfort and support. The craftsmanship is also top-notch across various silhouettes. Some unique Nike features include the Air unit in Air Jordans and Flyknit uppers that hug the foot.

Comet focuses on simpler yet durable designs. Its shoes employ superior leathers, breathable fabrics, and cushioned midsoles. While technology isn't the core emphasis, Comfort is a top priority. The brand prides itself on using premium materials that feel great right out of the box. Some unique elements include extra padding on collars and tongue tabs for adjustability.

Nike shoes use more specialized systems in terms of underfoot cushioning and bounce. However, Comfort shoes deliver smooth rides suitable for everyday use through well-cushioned midsoles and lightweight designs. Both brands ensure high-quality construction throughout with sturdy stitching and supportive builds.

While Nike pushes innovation boundaries, Comfort ensures reliable, hassle-free comfort through simple yet effective designs. Both offer top-notch craftsmanship and quality materials to satisfy varied consumer needs.

Price Comparison


Average Price Range


Rs. 2,199 - Rs. 4,299

( it could be more) 


Rs. 3,999 - Rs. 8,999 ( it could be more) 

 In general, Comet shoes tend to be more affordable than Nike shoes. Most of Comet's shoes fall under Rs. 4,299. Their slides are priced at around Rs. 2,199, which offers a casual and budget-friendly option.

Nike is known for using advanced technologies, reflected in their pricing. Many of their lifestyle and performance shoes range from Rs. 3,999-Rs. 8,999, depending on the model and materials used. Some of their more premium innovations, like the Nike Air, can also be priced higher.

However, both brands offer various sales and offers that allow customers to purchase quality shoes at different prices per their needs and budgets. Overall, while Comet shoes offer great value, Nike is suited for those looking for top-tier craftsmanship and innovations at a higher price point.

Payment and Delivery

Both Comet and Nike offer various convenient payment options.

Comet accepts payments through all major online modes like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, COD, etc. They also offer EMIs through various bank partners. Delivery is free across India. Orders are usually processed within 3-5 business days and delivered via India Post or private courier within 5-7 working days.

Nike accepts payments through credit/debit cards, net banking, EMI options, and UPI. For certain high-value orders, they may charge a nominal delivery fee. Processing times are similar to Comet at 3-5 business days. Nike's logistics partners manage delivery, and timelines can vary from 5-10 working days depending on the location within India. For remote areas, additional charges may apply.

So, while both brands provide safe, fast, and convenient payment options, Comet has a clear edge in offering free delivery across the country. Their efficient order processing also ensures timely deliveries for customers.

Return, Exchange and Refund Policy

Comet has a customer-friendly 7-day return and exchange policy where buyers can return or exchange products without questions. There are no deductions, and a full refund is processed within 5-7 days.

Nike also has a convenient policy where products can be returned within 30 days of delivery in original condition with tags attached. For returns, customers must initiate a return from their Nike account online and ship the product back for a full refund.

For exchanges at Nike, one can make a request by filling out an online form mentioning the preferred size. The replacement product is shipped after the return receipt. There is a nominal shipping charge deduction of Rs. 200 for exchanges.

Both brands ensure hassle-free purchase experiences for customers. While Comet has a more lenient 7-day period, Nike allows 30 days for returns. Timely processing of refunds/exchanges makes the policies very buyer-friendly. This will enable shoppers to choose either brand with confidence.

Warranty and After-sales Support

Comet offers a 1 year warranty on all products against any manufacturing defects. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective parts or materials. Customers can contact Comet through email or WhatsApp for any product issues within the warranty period. Comet also has an online portal for scheduling repairs across India's service centers.

Nike also provides a 1 year warranty on issues related to material/workmanship defects. Customers can visit the Nike store where they purchased from or call the Nike customer support number for warranty claims. They can also reach out through email or live chat, which is available on the Nike website. Nike will arrange free pickup and delivery for repair/replacement through their authorized service centers if needed.

Both brands ensure good after-sales support through multiple contact options like phone, email, and chat, and by operating authorized service locations. This provides convenience to customers in easily reporting issues and repairing their products within the warranty time frame. The 1 year warranty period also gives buyers peace of mind regarding product quality.

Loyalty and Rewards Program

Both Nike and Comet offer loyalty and rewards programs to benefit returning customers. These programs aim to increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.

The Nike Member Program allows customers to earn Nike Rewards points on every purchase on their website or at select retailers. The reward points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. This program allows customers early access to new product launches and exclusive member offers.

Similarly, the Comet Member Program provides benefits like earning Comet Cash on every order. The Comet Cash can be used to get discounts on the next order. Members can also get free and fast shipping on all orders and easy returns/exchanges.

In addition, both brands offer referral rewards to members. At Nike, members can earn reward points by referring friends to the Nike app or website. At Comet, members can invite friends to become members through referral links and earn Comet Cash on their friend's first purchase.

The loyalty programs aim to provide regular customers with added value, convenience, and discounts. This encourages repeat shopping and helps build brand loyalty. The rewards earned can make future purchases more affordable for members.

Customer Reviews Comparison

Reddit thread: 



For Comet shoes:

  • Most Reddit users praised the style and comfort of Comet shoes. Their sneakers were called "well cushioned" and "sturdy."

  • The unique designs were appreciated with comments like "I love how different their shoes look."

  • Many mentioned the shoes as a "good value for money" option compared to other brands.

  • A few users faced issues with inconsistent, needing to be more consistent, but the fit was decent overall.

  • On average, Comet Shoes received a rating of around 4/5 from most customers on Reddit threads.

For Nike shoes:

  • Reddit users found Nike running shoes very supportive, with comments like "great arch support and cushioning."

  • The durability of Nike shoes was highlighted positively, with many saying they "last a long time."

  • Customers appreciated the various models suitable for different running gaits and foot types.

  • A few mentioned facing quality issues like soles detaching after 6-8 months of use.

  • Overall, Nike running shoes received ratings between 4 and 4.5/5 from most customers sharing reviews on Reddit.

So, while both brands received positive customer reviews and ratings, Nike has a slight edge in terms of consistency of quality and longevity of shoes, according to Reddit users. However, Comet is praised for its unique designs and value pricing.

Sustainability Efforts

Both Nike and Comet have taken notable steps towards sustainability through various initiatives:

Nike has its Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program, which collects old athletic shoes of any brand and breaks them down into materials to use on sports surfaces like tracks. It has recycled over 60 million pairs of shoes till now. Nike also uses recycled polyester and other sustainable materials in many products.

Comet has launched its 'Resole Program' where customers can send their worn-out Comet shoes to get the soles replaced for a nominal fee, extending the life of the shoes. It also uses recycled rubber, cork, and other biomaterials in shoe soles.

In addition, Comet promotes sustainable fashion through its 'Pre-loved' section on the website. Here, customers can buy and sell pre-owned Comet shoes to help reduce waste.

Both brands emphasize using renewable and recycled materials in new collections. Nike publishes detailed sustainability reports on its website. Comet highlights its eco-friendly initiatives on social media to increase awareness.

While Nike has larger recycling programs due to its global presence, Comet is making notable efforts through initiatives like resoles and pre-loved sections. Both brands are working to reduce waste and promote circular fashion through sustainable innovations.

Delivery Timelines for Premium Products

Both Nike and Comet understand customers expect their premium shoes to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. Here are some of their approaches:

Nike communicates estimated delivery dates upfront for limited/exclusive launches. They aim to ship most orders within 2-3 weeks domestically. However, the wait can be 4-6 weeks for some highly anticipated shoes.

To enhance the customer experience during this period, Nike sends regular order updates via email/text. They also share estimated shipping timelines on the product page itself. This ensures transparency in managing customer expectations.

Comet too provides estimated delivery timelines while booking limited products. Their dedicated support team is trained to address customer queries regarding order status. They provide proactive updates if there are any delays.

Both brands recognize premium customers by offering expedited shipping options for an additional fee in some cases. Or prioritized access to select launches through loyalty programs.

While waiting periods are inevitable for exclusive launches, regular communication and updates help brands retain customer trust and satisfaction even during delays. It highlights their commitment to customer service.


As of February 28, 2024, the provided information is current. Please acknowledge that it may undergo alterations in the future. Your understanding regarding potential updates is sincerely appreciated.


What is the return/exchange policy if the product is defective?

Nike: You can return or exchange a defective product within 30 days of delivery. You will need to provide proof of purchase. Nike will either replace the product or refund you.

Comet: You can return or exchange a defective product within 7 days of delivery. No questions asked exchange/return policy. You don't need proof of purchase for exchange/return.

How long is the warranty period?

Nike: The standard warranty on Nike products is for 1 year from purchase against any manufacturing defects.

Comet: Comet provides a 6 month warranty against any manufacturing defects on all products.

How do I claim the warranty?

Nike: You must contact Nike customer support and provide proof of purchase. They will guide you on the claim process.

Comet: You can either email your issue to or call the customer support number provided on the website. You don't need proof of purchase to initiate the warranty claim process.

Is international shipping available?

Nike: Yes, Nike ships to most countries internationally. However, shipping costs and duties will apply extra.

Comet: Currently, Comet only offers shipping within India. International shipping option is not available.


In conclusion, Nike and Comet are great shoe options but cater to different customer needs.

Nike is a global leader known for its premium performance shoes. The shoes offer great cushioning and support, ideal for intense workouts and sports like running. However, some models may have a higher price point. They ensure long-lasting quality and consistency in their products.

On the other hand, Comet is an emerging Indian brand providing trendy and stylish sneaker designs. They offer good value for money through affordable price ranges. Initiatives like resoles and loyalty programs enhance the value. Delivery and customer service standards are improving.

If your priority is top-notch quality and reliability for regular workouts, Nike shoes will last long and deliver excellent performance. For casual, fashionable kicks within a budget and unique designs, Comet is an excellent choice to consider. Both brands cater well to different customer segments based on needs. If you encounter any issues with Nike or Comet products and the companies fail to resolve them, you have the option to seek assistance from consumer protection. It's important to be aware of your rights as a consumer and take appropriate action if needed. You can reach out to consumer protection authorities for guidance and support in resolving any disputes or problems related to your purchases. Remember, consumer protection is there to help you in case of any difficulties with your Nike or Comet shoes.

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