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Lenskart vs Titan Eye Plus: Who offers better Customer Experience?

Lenskart vs Titan Eye plus

When it comes to eyewear brands like Lenskart and Titan Eye Plus, most the glasses are comparable in terms of quality and features. Where these companies really differentiate is in their customer service approach. While the prices may seem similar at first glance, how each brand handles issues after the sale is what really impacts the overall experience. 

This guide will focus on the often overlooked but equally important service side of the purchase. We'll break down the nuances of Lenskart and Titan Eye Plus's policies in areas like warranty support, delivery times, and handling of defects or damage. Our goal is to help you feel confident in your choice by evaluating these brands based on what happens if any problems arise down the road. After all, affordable prices don't mean much if an unresolved issue leaves you without your prescription for weeks. So let's explore where service is king Lenskart Vs Titan.

Lenskart Overview 

Lenskart Logo

Lenskart was founded in 2010 to make quality eyewear affordable and accessible for everyone. Starting as an online-only store, they have grown to become one of India's largest optical retailers.

They offer a wide selection of frames for men, women, and kids. Frame styles range from trendy to classic to bold, with new collections added regularly. In addition to prescription lenses, they also carry sunglasses. Lenskart is known for using advanced lens technologies like anti-blue light and anti-glare coatings.

A key strength is their large in-house lab and manufacturing capabilities. This allows them to maintain tight quality control while keeping costs low. For customers, it means a great selection, reasonable prices, and quick turnaround times. Their target audience is mainly urban professionals and budget-conscious families. Overall, Lenskart aims to make eyewear a stylish and affordable choice.

Titan Eye Plus Overview 

Titan Eye Plus Logo

Titan Eye Plus was launched in 2005 as Titan's foray into eyewear retail. As one of India's leading watchmakers, Titan brought its expertise in design and quality to eyeglasses.

Titan Eye Plus has stores across major cities where customers can try frames and get their eyes tested. They offer a wide assortment of frames, from value-priced basics to high-end designer collections. In addition to prescription lenses, they also carry sunglasses from popular brands.

A key focus is advanced lens technologies. In addition to standard anti-scratch and UV coatings, they offer specialized lenses like progressive no-line, digital protective, and blue cut lenses. Titan Eye Plus prides itself on using superior quality materials.

Their target customers are professionals looking for reliable eyewear from a trusted brand. While pricing is slightly higher compared to brands like Lenskart, customers feel they are paying for Titan's reputation in ophthalmic quality standards. Overall, Titan Eye Plus aims to combine style with precision engineering in eyewear.

Pricing Comparison 

When it comes to pricing, Lenskart and Titan Eye Plus cater to different budgets. In general, Lenskart frames start from Rs. 599, and most basic single-vision lenses are priced at around Rs. 1,299. They regularly offer deals like buy one get one free on lenses. Advanced lenses start from Rs. 1,799.

Titan Eye Plus frames have a wider range based on material and brand - from Rs. 1,299 to Rs. 10,000. Standard single vision lenses here are priced at Rs. 1,799 onwards. Their premium materials and specialized lenses like progressives or anti-blue light lenses are more expensive compared to Lenskart, starting at Rs. 2,999.

For mid-range titanium and plastic frames with standard single-vision lenses, expect to pay around Rs. 2,500-4,500 at Titan. At Lenskart, a similar package would cost Rs. 1,800-3,000. Titan offers seasonal deals, but Lenskart has frequent 40-50% discounts, making them more budget-friendly for basic needs.

Frame Selection 

When it comes to frame selection, both Lenskart and Titan Eye Plus offer a wide variety of styles. Lenskart has a larger collection that is more regularly updated to stay on-trend. They carry international and indie brands alongside their in-house designs. This makes them a better choice for fashionable, youthful frames. 

Titan also stocks popular brands but has fewer options overall. Their in-store collections are tailored more for professionals and classic styles. However, their branded collections may appeal more to style-conscious customers. Overall, Lenskart caters better to those seeking a diverse and trendy selection.

Lens Quality 

When it comes to lens quality, both brands offer multiple coating options. Titan Eye Plus lenses feature standard anti-scratch and UV coatings. They also have specialized options like anti-blue light and anti-reflective coatings. Lenskart provides standard scratch resistance and UV protection as well. Additionally, they offer mid-range coatings for glare reduction.

In terms of material, Titan uses standard polycarbonate, whereas Lenskart has polycarbonate and thinner, lighter trivex options. Both are shatter-resistant, but trivex scratches less easily. Overall, while Titan Eye Plus lenses offer specialized technologies, real-world tests find Lenskart lenses hold up equally well or better for average needs in terms of scratches and clarity.

Customer Service 

Both Lenskart and Titan Eye Plus provide customer service and assistance. Lenskart staff is helpful in stores and assists with frame selection. They deliver orders faster than Titan within a week. Lenskart also offers better warranty support of 1 year on frames, whereas Titan provides only 6 months. 

Titan stores are present across more cities, so the in-store experience is good, but the staff could be more energized. They take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Lenskart has better customer service in terms of delivery timelines and warranty support, while Titan has an edge in a wider retail presence.

Online Experience 

The Lenskart website provides a smooth online shopping experience. The site has a clean and minimalistic design, which makes it very easy to navigate through various sections. Products can be filtered based on categories, brands, prices, etc., for quick search. High-quality images and detailed specifications are given for each eyewear item. Order tracking and returns/exchange services are mentioned.

The Titan Eyeplus website also has a well-organized layout. Various types of eyewear, like sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc., can be viewed separately. An interesting feature is the store locator, which shows the nearby outlet locations for eye tests. This makes online shopping more convenient. Similar to Lenskart, Titan also provides clear pictures and information. Payment options and policies related to the warranty are easily available.

Both sites have a responsive design for mobile access. While Lenskart loading is faster, Titan gives added local store benefits for users to try frames physically after online selection.

Refund and Return Policy Comparison 

Both companies offer an easy refund and return policy. Lenskart accepts returns within 10 days of receiving the order without citing a reason. The process involves filling out an online form and shipping back the product. There is no restocking fee.

Titan Eyeplus has a slightly shorter window of 7 days for refunds and exchanges. Customers need to visit a store along with the product and original invoice. In case of damage or wear, a nominal fee may apply.

For canceling an order, Lenskart charges 5% of the order value subject to a maximum of Rs. 250, while Titan levies 10% fees.

Defective products can be returned anytime within 30 days at Lenskart and 1 year at Titan. The latter also provides free replacement of frames under warranty for 6 months.

Both have consumer-friendly policies, but Lenskart has a clear edge regarding eligibility periods and the absence of cancellation fees. Lenskart also a clear refund policy as below.

Lenskart Refund Policy Table

Comparison Table Lenskart vs Titan Eyeplus

Here is a comparison table of Lenskart and Titan Eyeplus on key factors:



Titan Eyeplus


Affordable range starting Rs. 500. Regular discounts.

Competitively priced. Offers on frames+lenses combo.

Lens Technologies

Anti-glare, UV protection, blue light filter options.

Advanced lenses like AR coating, transitions, etc.


Wide range of designs from top brands.

Extensive collection of frames for all ages and styles.

Store Availability

Over 80+ stores in major cities.

850+ stores across India for eye tests.


10 days return window without fees.

7 days exchange facility with nominal charges.


30 days for defects.

6 months warranty on frames.

Payment Options

All major cards, EMI, wallet options.

Cash, cards, EMI, wallets accepted.

Customer Service

Email and call support. Online assistance.

Dedicated helplines. Store executives assist as well.


Overall, both websites provide a wide selection of eyewear along with value-added services like eye tests. While Lenskart scores better on returns, Titan has an edge in terms of widespread physical store presence for instant product selection.

Overall Value 

Both Lenskart and Titan Eyeplus offer eyewear at competitive prices in the market. Lenskart frames start as low as Rs. 500 while Titan has budget options as well as premium collections. When it comes to quality, Titan products have advanced lens technologies providing clearer vision. 

However, Lenskart regularly runs deals that make products more affordable in the long run. With easy return policies, Lenskart scores better on customer satisfaction as well. Considering pricing as well as post-purchase services, Lenskart provides greater overall value to the average customer on a tighter budget. Hence, Lenskart is recommended if value for money is the top priority.


Q. Which is better, Titan Eye Plus or Lenskart?

Both Titan Eye Plus and Lenskart are good options for buying eyewear online. Some key factors are pricing, lens technologies, store availability, and after-sales services. Lenskart provides better overall value for money, while Titan has a wider physical presence.

Q. Why Titan lenses are expensive?

Titan eyeglass lenses often incorporate advanced technologies like anti-reflective coatings, blue light filtering, and transitions, which enhance vision clarity. These specialized lenses and coatings are costlier in production but provide maximum eye protection and comfort in the long run.

Q. Can we check eye power in Titan Eye Plus?

Yes, most Titan Eye Plus stores offer free eye checkups and vision tests conducted by professional optometrists. This allows customers to know their exact prescription strength before selecting suitable lenses.

Q. Which type of eye frame is best?

The best frame depends on face shape, lifestyle, and preferences. Popular choices include round, square, wayfarer, etc. It is advisable to try different frames physically to determine the most flattering and comfortable fit.

Q. How to get grievances redressed when brands don't respond ?

The bets way to resolves your issues is by contacting the brands directly. However, there might be cases where you don't get a satisfactory response, consumers can visit the National Consumer Helpline to site or call to register your grievance at 1800-11-4000 or 1915.


Both Lenskart and Titan Eye Plus are excellent options for purchasing high-quality eyewear online or in-store. Lenskart is a more affordable choice for basic frames and lenses, while Titan offers a wider range of premium products and technologies. Titan's physical stores provide the additional convenience of eye tests and trying frames. However, Lenskart's very competitive pricing and value-added services, like no-cost returns, make it a better pick for price-conscious customers. You can go right with both brands. The best approach would be to compare the products and offers on both platforms to identify which provider best suits your budget and requirements.

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