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India’s New Online Consumer Complaint Portal: 5 Key Features You Need to Know

Updated: Apr 8

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Tired of endless waiting on phone calls to resolve issues, help is now just a click away! The government is launching a new online portal to make complaining easier and faster for consumers across India. This new portal will allow consumers to register complaints about products or services from the comfort of their homes using a smartphone or computer.

The portal is being developed as a one-stop solution for all consumer issues. Both consumers and companies will be able to access it. Once a complaint is submitted, it will be examined by experts on the portal. These experts will resolve matters quickly through negotiations and discussions between the consumer and the company.

The goal is to solve complaints within 30 days without consumers having to visit various government offices or courts. Experts examining cases and encouraging talks could settle many issues in weeks instead of months. The new portal promises simple, speedy solutions for consumers in India!

Background and Need for the New Consumer Complaint Portal

Currently, there are several issues with how consumer complaints are resolved in India. When consumers have problems with goods or services they purchase, there is no centralized system to file complaints. People have to figure out which organization regulates the specific industry and file separately with each one. This causes delays and makes the process simple.

It can also be expensive for consumers to resolve complaints through legal proceedings, such as going to consumer courts. Many people need help to afford the high costs of hiring lawyers and fighting long cases. As a result, many legitimate complaints need to be addressed.

Reports suggest thousands of pending cases with different consumer forums across India. The exact numbers are hard to track since data is not well-collected in a centralized way, but they give an idea of the scale of consumer issues that need timely solutions.

The new online portal aims to simplify and speed up the complaint resolution process. People can file complaints from anywhere using a common portal without determining which regulator to approach. All major regulators will be linked to this single portal.

Complaints filed will automatically be forwarded to the concerned regulator based on the industry. Regulators then have to respond within 30 days. If they fail to act, grievances can be escalated further. This pressures regulators to address issues faster to protect consumers’ interests.

The portal will allow consumers and companies to settle complaints through mutual negotiations and online mediation. This can help resolve matters more amicably without going through expensive legal proceedings. Tracking the status of complaints will also be easier with automated updates provided through the portal.

So, the new online mechanism aims to bring transparency, convenience, and speed to consumer complaint redressal. A centralized system is expected to solve several current issues by connecting consumers to appropriate help in a simple, timely, and cost-effective manner. This will benefit both individuals and the overall economy.

Key Features of the Online Portal

Here are the key features of the new online consumer complaints portal:

  • File complaints online: Consumers can file their complaints anywhere online on the portal instead of visiting government offices. They need to register and fill out a simple form providing all the details of their complaint.

  • AI matching with experts: The portal will use artificial intelligence to automatically match the consumer’s complaint with the relevant expert panels or individuals. The AI will analyze the complaint and find the best expert panel to resolve it quickly.

  • End-to-end online resolution: Once consumers are matched with experts, the entire complaint resolution process will happen online on the portal. Consumers and experts can upload documents, have online video or audio conversations, and reach an agreement without offline meetings or visits.

  • Expert panels for all sectors: The portal will have expert panels to resolve complaints related to all major sectors, including consumer goods, electricity, telecom, banking, insurance, etc. These experts will come from the government and the private sector.

  • Preliminary to legal proceedings: The portal aims to resolve most consumer complaints through experts at an initial level before they have to go to consumer courts or other legal proceedings. This will reduce the load on courts and provide faster and cheaper relief to consumers.

  • Time-bound resolution: All complaints registered on the portal must be resolved by the expert panels within a fixed period (e.g., 30-45 days). This will ensure swift and timely justice for consumers.

Similar Portals in Other Countries

Let’s delve into online consumer complaint resolution systems and explore how India’s new portal draws inspiration from successful international models.

United States - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in the United States is a prominent example of an effective online complaint resolution system. Here are its key features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The CFPB portal allows consumers to submit complaints about financial products and services easily. It provides clear instructions and intuitive forms.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Consumers can report issues related to credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and other financial products. The CFPB collaborates with various regulatory agencies to address these complaints.

  • Timely Responses: The CFPB ensures timely acknowledgment and resolution of complaints. It tracks progress and updates consumers throughout the process.

  • Transparency: The portal publishes aggregated complaint data, helping consumers make informed decisions and encouraging businesses to improve their practices.

  • Operational DurationThe CFPB was established in 2011 and has successfully handled consumer complaints ever since.

European Union - Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform is an EU-wide initiative to resolve disputes arising from online transactions. Key features include:

  • Cross-Border Resolution: The ODR Platform facilitates communication between consumers and businesses across EU member states. It covers e-commerce, travel, and other online services.

  • Mediation and Arbitration: The platform offers mediation and arbitration services to reach amicable solutions and avoid lengthy legal proceedings.

  • User Accessibility: Consumers can submit complaints online, and the platform translates them into the language relevant to the business involved.

  • Operational DurationThe ODR Platform has been operational since 2016, contributing to smoother cross-border e-commerce interactions.

Learning from International Models: India’s New Portal

India’s recently launched Study In India (SII) portal draws inspiration from successful international models. Here’s how it aligns with global practices:

  • Integrated Approach: Like the CFPB and ODR Platform, the SII portal aims for an integrated approach. It simplifies the journey of international students by streamlining processes from registration to visa approval.

  • Global Footprint: The SII portal positions India as a preferred education destination. It echoes the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP), blurring academic boundaries and fostering a prosperous future.

  • Cultural Exchange: As international students enrich Indian campuses, they become goodwill ambassadors when they return home. This cultural exchange benefits both Indian and international students.

So, India’s new portal combines the best practices from global counterparts, making education accessible and fostering international collaboration.

How Consumers Can Use the Portal

Here are the steps consumers can take to use the new online portal for resolving complaints:

1. Visit the portal website

The government will launch a dedicated website for the consumer complaints portal. To access it, consumers can search for "consumer complaints portal" online once it's launched.

2. Register on the portal

Consumers register by creating a profile on the portal. They provide basic details like name, address, phone number, and email, which can then be used to log in to the portal.

3. Select the company and issue

After logging in, consumers must select the company they have a complaint against from a list of options. They also need to select the nature of their issue from a list, such as defective products, substandard service, delayed delivery, etc.

4. Add complaint details

Consumers need to provide clear and full details about their complaints. This includes when the issue arose, any communication with the company, documents to support the complaint, etc.

5. Submit and track status

After filling in all the details, consumers can submit their complaint application. They will receive a complaint number that they can use to track the status of their complaint online.

6. Get the resolution

The respective company will respond to the complaint. Consumers will be informed about the resolution via email/SMS. If unsatisfied, they can escalate to higher authorities for speedy resolution.

This portal aims to provide a simple online platform for consumers to register any complaints in a user-friendly manner. It will help resolve consumer issues faster without much running around. Also, remember that the online portal is designed to empower consumers and ensure fair resolution. Use it wisely and advocate for your rights! 


The government is launching a new online portal that will help resolve consumer complaints promptly. This portal will allow consumers to file complaints online about defective products or poor services. It will connect consumers directly with companies and expert panels who can quickly address the issues. This new platform could reduce pending cases and provide speedy justice to consumers. It will make the complaint process inexpensive and convenient for everyone. With AI capabilities, the portal aims to match similar complaints and resolve them efficiently. This new initiative is a positive step that will strengthen consumer rights and improve protection. Once launched, all consumers are encouraged to use this portal to get their issues addressed without any delays.


What kind of internet connection or device is needed to access the portal?

The portal has been designed to work on all internet connections and devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. It will have a simple user interface that can be accessed easily, even on basic internet packages and smartphones.

Is there a fee for filing a complaint on the portal?

No, filing a complaint on the new online consumer complaint portal is free for consumers. The aim is to provide an affordable channel for grievance redressal without any financial barrier.

What languages will the portal support?

The portal will initially be available in Hindi and English. In the future, support for additional regional and local languages will be added to ensure accessibility for consumers across India.

Will consumers get any update on the status of their complaints?

Yes, consumers can log in to their account on the portal anytime to check the current status and progress of the complaint they registered. They will also receive timely email/SMS notifications on key updates regarding the resolution of their case.

What recourse do I have if I’m unsatisfied with the portal’s decision?

If the consumer remains unsatisfied after the complaint is addressed on the portal, they can pursue the matter with the relevant consumer commission or courts. The portal’s decision will have no bearing on legal proceedings.

How secure will the personal data of users be on the portal?

The strongest available encryption and security protocols will be used to ensure the privacy and safety of consumers’ details provided on the portal. Unauthorized access or data breaches will be dealt with strictly per the law.

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