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Forgot to Cancel Subscription? Here's How to Get Refund

Cancel Subscription

With an ever-increasing number of Indians embracing digital services like streaming platforms, online courses, and apps, managing multiple recurring payments each month has become quite a task. It's very easy to forget to cancel a subscription before the free trial ends or after you're done using a service. This often results in paying for services you no longer use or want.

In this article, we will discuss what to do if you need to remember to cancel a subscription in India and how you can get a refund. We will also share some effective tips to avoid such unwanted charges in the future. From immediately canceling a subscription after signing up to using a subscription management app - we will outline several steps you can take to stay on top of your digital spending and not lose money to forgotten subscriptions. Let's get started!

Forgot to Cancel Subscription: Checking the Subscription Refund Policy is Key to Getting your Money Back

Suppose you still need to cancel a subscription in India. In that case, the first important step is to check the official refund policy of the company or platform that provides the subscribed service. This will help you understand your chances of getting a refund.

Major subscription-based platforms in India, such as Amazon India, Flipkart Plus, Netflix India, etc., have their own rules regarding refunds for recurring payments. It is advisable to check their policies, which can be found on their websites.

For instance, the Amazon India subscription refund policy mentions that requests must be made within 7 days of the auto-renewal charge.

Some key factors to note in refund policies are the cooling-off period (the number of days you have to claim a refund), auto-renewal terms, and whether partial or full refunds are offered. Many also mention specific subscription plans that are non-refundable.

Checking these policies carefully can help you understand your chances of getting back at least part of the money if you still need to cancel the subscription on time. It is always better to request a refund as early as possible according to the stated timelines.

Steps to Claim Refund in India 

If you have accidentally paid for a subscription that you want to cancel, here are the basic steps to claim a refund in India:

  1. Contact customer support for the company you subscribed to through email or phone. Have details of your subscription, like the date, the amount charged, etc, handy.

  2. Most companies also have an online refund request form on their website for online subscriptions. Please fill in the details truthfully and submit.

  3. Mention clearly that you want to cancel the subscription and claim a refund as you no longer need the service. You may also add the reason for forgetting to cancel earlier.

  4. In India, refund processing can take an average of 7-14 working days after the request is approved. Some electronic wallets process faster.

  5. In partial refunds, you may negotiate the amount to be refunded based on the number of days left in the subscription period.

  6. If the subscription was through a third party like Google Play, request a refund per their policies.

  7. Keep the communication threads as proof if you need to follow up on the refund status. If the refund is not processed on time, escalate to higher authorities.

Following these basic steps with patience can help you get your money back for forgotten subscriptions in most cases in India. Make sure to request refunds proactively.

Disputing the Refund Rejection in India 

If a subscription service refuses to refund an unwanted renewal charge in India, you can dispute the transaction with your credit card issuer through the chargeback process.

The chargeback allows cardholders to dispute transactions and seek a refund from their issuing bank if the merchant is at fault. To initiate a chargeback for a rejected subscription refund, contact your credit card company within 120 days of the transaction date.

You will be asked to submit documents like proof of cancellation request to the merchant, correspondence showing the refund was declined, and transaction details. The card network (Visa/Mastercard) will investigate your claim and the merchant's response.

You may not get your money back if they determine the charge is valid. However, if they rule in your favor, the disputed amount will be credited to your account. The whole chargeback process usually takes 30-45 days.

In rare cases where the chargeback is also denied, you can escalate the matter to the banking ombudsperson, who can further investigate. As a last resort, you can file a consumer complaint against the merchant in your local consumer court. Proper documentation is important to strengthen your case at each level.

Preventing Future Subscription Surprises in India 

With the growing popularity of online subscriptions in India, it is important to take proactive steps to avoid unwanted charges on your account.

  • Set calendar reminders: Many Indians use apps like Google Calendar, which allow setting repeat reminders. Set a reminder at least one week before your subscription's renewal date.

  • Toggle auto-renewal for Indian services: Check if your subscriptions with Indian providers like Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime India, etc., allow auto-renewal to be switched off in the account settings. Doing this ensures you are not billed automatically every month.

  • Use subscription managers: Apps like Truebill and Subscribd are popular subscription management tools in India. They track all your subscriptions in one place by connecting to your bank account or UPI. You can also set alerts and cancel renewals through these apps.

Some other tips include maintaining a personal subscription list with renewal dates, using virtual cards for signups to avoid saved card charges, and opting for monthly plans instead of annual, wherever possible, for better control. Being proactive with reminders and cancellations can help avoid unwanted deductions from your bank account.

Additional Indian Consumer Protection Laws 

As a consumer in India, you are protected under various laws in case of disputes with merchants or companies.

  • The Consumer Protection Act, 1986: This is a key law that aims to protect consumer interests. It covers product defects, unfair trade practices, and misleading advertisements. Under this law, you can file complaints with consumer commissions.

  • Role of state consumer commissions: Every state and union territory has a consumer disputes redressal commission at the district, state, and national levels. These consumer commissions act as quasi-judicial bodies that hear consumer complaints and pass orders for relief, replacement, or refunds.

By understanding their rights under these laws, Indian consumers can make informed choices and take appropriate legal action if faced with unfair subscription practices. The consumer commissions provide an affordable dispute resolution mechanism for residents.


If you have forgotten to cancel a subscription, don't panic. The first step should be to log into your account and cancel the subscription immediately. Most companies allow cancellations up until the renewal date. Contact customer support right away to inquire about getting a refund. Explain your situation clearly and politely. It's best to do this as soon as you realize the mistake so the company has a record of your timely action. You can also choose to dispute the charge with your credit card company. In the future, set calendar reminders for subscription end dates or use a management tool to avoid accidental renewals.


Can I get a partial refund if I forget to cancel my subscription?

Many companies may offer a partial refund if you cancel within a week of renewal. It depends on their individual policies.

What information do I need to provide for a refund request?

You may need to provide your name, subscription details like a plan, date of purchase/renewal, and reason for cancellation to process the refund.

How long will it take to process a refund request?

It usually takes 3-5 business days for companies to process refund requests. Some may take up to 15 days as well. Check their website for estimated timelines.

Can I dispute the charges with my bank if a refund is rejected?

Yes, you can file a dispute with your bank or credit card company, but the chances of success are lower if the terms clearly mention auto-renewal. It depends on your bank's policies.

Can I ensure I don't forget to cancel subscriptions?

To avoid forgetting to cancel on time, set calendar reminders, use subscription management apps, or enable company cancellation reminders.

What protections do Indian laws provide for subscription customers?

The Consumer Protection Act of 2019 protects customer interests. In case of disputes, you can also file complaints with consumer commissions.

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