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Beware of Shady Practices: What to do when a Furniture Rental Company gives you a Nightmare Experience

Updated: Mar 15

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Many furniture rental companies promise convenience but sometimes need help to deliver good customer service. Several customers have complained about facing significant issues with important companies with shady furniture rental practices.

Recent reviews on platforms like LinkedIn and Trustpilot have highlighted serious problems with a major player in the industry. In one LinkedIn post, a customer detailed facing harassment and mental torture due to the poor actions of Rentickle employees. Most reviews on Trustpilot also rated Rentickle's service very poorly, with many reporting delays, lack of communication, and unfulfilled promises.

In this article, we will examine real case studies of customers who suffered losses due to rental firms' misconduct. We will also examine consumers' legal rights in such matters and what recourse they can take to resolve issues and seek redressal for financial and emotional damages. The goal is to raise awareness and ensure customers can make informed choices.

Case Study 1: Bed bugs infestation 

Dakshat Revankar ordered a product from Rentickle and received bed bugs with the order. Bed bugs are small insects that bite humans and suck their blood. Their bites can cause itchy rashes on the skin. They are very difficult to get rid of once they infest a place.

Dakshat complained to Rentickle many times, but they did not respond properly or compensate him. He had to spend a lot of money and time to get treatment for the bed bug bites and hire professionals to remove the bed bugs from his home. This caused him a lot of stress.

Rentickle should have taken responsibility for sending an infested product, apologized to Dakshat, and compensated him for the medical costs and other losses. No customer should have to go through such a bad experience. Companies need to provide good after-sales service and resolve issues quickly to keep customers happy and maintain a good reputation.

Case Study 2: Failure to pick up furniture on time

Surya Parashar had a frustrating experience with Rentickle, where the company repeatedly failed to pick up furniture at the end of his rental contract period. According to Surya's LinkedIn post, Rentickle called on weekends to notify him about unsuccessful pickups. This illegally extended his contract tenure without consent.

It is unacceptable for rental companies to delay pickups and arbitrarily extend contracts, charging customers for additional unused time. Customers have lives and schedules to follow and need better service to save time. Delaying pickups also denies customers their right to receive security deposits back on time.

Such practices by Rentickle amount to harassment of customers. As highlighted in Trustpilot reviews, many customers faced similar issues. To avoid exploitation, customers must document all communication with dates and times for evidence. This will help protect their rights in case companies try to charge additional fees wrongly. Overall, rental firms must ensure furniture pickup is done promptly, as promised, to respect customers and contract terms.

Case Study 3: Delayed and incomplete deliveries 

Nitin Vats had a frustrating experience with a rental company that left him waiting over two weeks to ensure his order was partially delivered. According to Nitin's review on social media, he had to take multiple days off from work to await the delivery. Still, the company only delivered some items and needs to provide a timeline for the remaining parts of the order.

This left Nitin in the lurch, as he still lacked the furniture needed for basic home functioning. Repeatedly taking leaves from the job to wait for deliveries that did not arrive as promised impacted his personal and professional life. Other customers also complained about facing this company's delayed or incomplete deliveries.

Rental firms must fulfill all delivery orders completely and on the promised date to avoid inconveniencing clients. Customers should not have to burn their paid leaves while still not receiving what they paid for. Companies must ensure furniture and items are delivered per the agreed schedule or properly compensate clients for the delay and hassle caused. This will help build goodwill and trust in customer service.

Laws protecting customers against shady furniture rental practices

The Consumer Protection Act 1986 is an important law that safeguards customer rights in India. The Act defines a consumer and lays out their basic rights - the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard.

If a customer receives deficient service or a defective product, the Act allows them to seek redressals like refunds, replacements, or goods repair. They can file complaints with consumer courts or district forums. The forums can order traders or service providers to compensate consumers for losses or damages caused by defective products or deficient services.

The Act also aims to curb unfair trade practices. If a company engages in misleading advertisements, non-delivery of services or goods as promised, or charges excessive prices, a customer can register a case against them under this law. They can approach consumer protection councils for assistance in such matters.

This legal framework establishes consumers' rights and gives them a platform to hold companies accountable for substandard products and services. It promotes responsible business practices and ensures the quality of goods and services available to the public.

Seeking redressal 

If you have any issues with a company's products or services, it is best to communicate your grievance politely through their complaints process in the first instance. You can contact the customer support team via phone, email, or their website to lodge a complaint. Most companies take customer complaints seriously and will try to resolve the matter quickly.

However, if the company does not satisfactorily address your grievance even after follow-ups, it may be time to consider other options. You can file a complaint with relevant consumer forums like the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum or the State Consumer Commission. These bodies will investigate your complaint and pass an order to resolve your issues. As a last resort, you also have the choice to approach local courts for legal remedy.

At the same time, sharing your negative experience on social media platforms can encourage the company to look into your complaint promptly to safeguard its reputation. But it is always better to respectfully highlight facts for a constructive resolution.


Customer reviews indicate that Rentickle has provided poor services and violated customer trust. Many faced significant delays in order delivery and difficulties returning products on time. Some even received infested items. Their customer support also seems inadequate and non-responsive, which shows the company's lack of respect for customers.

Dealing with such firms can save money and time. Customers should thoroughly research companies and read reviews from multiple sources before ordering. People should understand their rights, like timely delivery, refund policies, etc., and not hesitate to raise issues or seek legal help. In the future, choosing well-established brands and carefully checking company policies can prevent troubles. Staying vigilant about transactions is key to avoiding harassment and loss. Taking recourse is important if issues persist.

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