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Act Now!! Safeguard Yourself from Fake Flipkart Support Accounts on Twitter

Updated: Apr 4

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Encountered a fake Flipkart support account on Twitter? You may have noticed an increasing number of such accounts trying to scam customers lately. These impersonators can mislead people by posing as official helpers from Flipkart.

Fraudsters behind these fake accounts try to trick customers into sharing their personal or banking details. They also ask people to contact fake customer care numbers or visit fraudulent websites. Unfortunately, many individuals end up falling for their tricks. 

In this article, we will discuss how to identify fake Flipkart support accounts on Twitter. Certain signs, like unverified status, wrong logo usage, or typos in their tweets, can help expose impersonators. We will also mention the details the official handle will never ask for from customers. Finally, some tips on reporting fraudulent accounts to Twitter are included. 

By learning to spot the red flags through this write-up, you can ensure you only interact with the genuine Flipkart Twitter handle (now Twitter is known as “X”) - @FlipkartSupport. This can help protect you and others from becoming victims of an online scam. So, let's get started with understanding how these fake accounts operate. 

Signs of a Fake Flipkart Support Account on Twitter

Here are some signs to identify fake Flipkart support accounts on Twitter:

Check for mistakes in the username

The official Flipkart support handle is @FlipkartSupport. Look out for extra letters, numbers, or symbols added to the usernames of other accounts claiming to be Flipkart support. There are numerous other such accounts on twitter.

See if the account is verified

The genuine Flipkart support account will have a blue tick badge next to the username. Fake accounts may not have the blue verification tick.

Examine the bio and details carefully

The real account will have "Flipkart Customer Support" or something similar in the bio. Fake accounts can copy details but may add or miss small details. In the image below: "RajKumar" in account name should ring a bell.

Watch out for language and spelling errors

Official communication will have correct spelling and grammar. Fake accounts can make small mistakes that are easy to spot.

Be careful of suspicious links and requests

Official accounts won't ask for personal details or money transfers in tweets. Be cautious of unfamiliar links posted.

We hope these tips help customers identify fake accounts claiming to offer support. Please report any suspicious accounts on Twitter to protect others. 

Tips to Cross-Check a Suspicious Twitter Account

Here are some simple ways to check if a Twitter account claiming to be from Flipkart can be trusted:

  • Look for the blue verified tick mark - Only the real Flipkart accounts will have this tick mark, which shows authenticity. Others could be fake.

  • Compare with Flipkart's website - Search for the Twitter handle on Flipkart's official website or app. If it's not there, it's probably fake.

  • Check the tweets and responses - See if the style of tweets and how they respond to customers are similar to the real Flipkart handles. Fakes may talk or act differently.

  • Look at the timeline - Fake accounts may post unrelated or unusual things or ask for personal details like money or account numbers, which the real accounts won't do.

  • Search online - Type the Twitter handle name online to see if others have reported it as fake. Official Flipkart accounts won't have fake reports.

Being careful about who you share information with online can help prevent fraud. Always verify an account directly with Flipkart before providing details to a Twitter handle.

Steps to Report a Fake Account on Twitter

If you come across a fake Flipkart support Twitter account, it's important to take action and report it. Here are the steps you can follow to report a fake account directly to Twitter:

  1. Visit the fake Flipkart support Twitter account: If you suspect a Twitter account is fake, go to its profile page.

  2. Click on the "More" icon: On the fake account's profile page, you will find a small icon with three dots. Click on that icon to access additional options.

  3. Select "Report": Choose the "Report" option from the options that appear. This will open a new window where you can provide information about the issue.

  4. Choose the appropriate category: In the reporting window, Twitter will ask you to specify the reason for your report. Look for categories like "misleading" or "pretending to be someone else," as these options are relevant for reporting fake accounts.

  5. Provide evidence/screenshots: To support your report, providing evidence or screenshots of suspicious signs or activities from the fake account is helpful. This can help Twitter review the account more effectively.

In addition to reporting the fake account to Twitter, it is also recommended that you report it to Flipkart through authorized channels. This ensures that Flipkart is aware of the situation and can take appropriate action. For information on how to report fraudulent accounts, you can refer to the official Flipkart website or app.

Remember, reporting fake accounts helps protect other users from falling victim to scams and maintains the safety and integrity of the Flipkart community.

Ways to Stay Safe from Impersonators

Let us look at the ways to stay safe from the imposters: 

  1. Always verify accounts directly with Flipkart before sharing any data: It is important to double-check the authenticity of any Flipkart support account before providing any personal or payment information. Contact Flipkart through their official app or website to confirm if the account is genuine.

  2. Be wary of unusual requests for personal/payment details: Exercise caution if you receive suspicious messages or emails asking for unusual personal or payment information. Genuine Flipkart support representatives will only ask for sensitive information if it is necessary to resolve a specific issue.

  3. Exercise caution regarding unsolicited/unexpected direct messages on Twitter: If you receive unsolicited or unexpected direct messages claiming to be from Flipkart support, be cautious. Impersonators may try to trick you into sharing sensitive information. Always verify the account through official channels before responding or providing any details.

  4. Utilize official Flipkart support channels for assistance: To ensure your safety and receive reliable support, use the official Flipkart support channels available on their app and website. These channels provide a secure and trustworthy way to get assistance with your queries and concerns.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from impersonators and ensure a safe shopping experience on Flipkart. Remember to refer to the provided links for more detailed information on identifying fake Flipkart support accounts and staying safe from fraudulent activities.


Friends, we learned about the different ways fraudsters try to cheat customers. Please remember the important things. Only trust the real Flipkart website and app. Do not click links or install apps from unknown places. Do not give anyone your details, such as password or phone number. Only call customer care on 044-45614700. Check for the blue tick on Twitter to see real accounts. If you see any fake accounts or sites, please let Flipkart know. Together, we can stop the fraudsters. You should also refrain from believing messages about big discounts, lucky draws, etc. If you follow these, no one can cheat you. We will also try our best to catch the fraudsters. Thank you for reading, and please stay alert.


FAQ 1: Is a direct message I received on Twitter really from Flipkart?

Answer: The official Flipkart support team will never directly message you first. Be suspicious of unsolicited direct tweets or messages asking for personal or account details. Flipkart may only message you back if you reach out to them first regarding an order or issue.

FAQ 2: What kind of personal information do the fake accounts try to steal?

Answer: Fake accounts typically try to phish for sensitive information like login credentials, OTPs, payment card details, banking info, etc., which can then be misused. Flipkart representatives will never ask for confidential details like passwords, PINs, etc. Stay alert.

FAQ 3: How long does it take Twitter to review a reported fake account?

Answer: Twitter reviews reported accounts based on their policies and available information. There is no fixed timeline, but they usually act on clear cases of impersonation/deception within a few days. You can also report the issue to Flipkart to expedite the verification process.

FAQ 4: What if I already shared my details with a fake account?

Answer: Change the passwords of your Flipkart and bank accounts immediately as a precaution. Monitor transactions and alert the bank of any suspicious activity. Also, inform Flipkart customer support regarding the details shared so they can assist further.

FAQ 5: How do I stay updated on new fraud trends targeting customers?

Answer: Follow only Flipkart's official social media handles and sign up for their newsletters for alerts. Do not rely on third-party notifications. Flipkart also publishes awareness articles regularly on potential risks and precautions to take.

FAQ 6: What recourse do I have if I fall for a fake offer and lose money?

Answer: Report the incident to Flipkart and lodge a police complaint. Provide all details of your communications and transactions. Flipkart may not be able to recover your money directly, but it can advise on the legal steps to take to prevent further losses.

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