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We are on a mission to organize the post-purchase world, one step at a time.

Welcome to this section!! If you made it till here let me congratulate you on being curious enough to search for answers. You were probably looking for a solution to your recent purchase issues. 

As fellow consumers ourselves, we understand the hassle of modern shopping. Navigating through endless options just to make a purchase, a stellar service shouldn't just be an expectation but a demand. It's not just about making a purchase—it's the hope for a seamless experience, which too often ends in frustration with subpar post-purchase experience.

From day one, Kuttl's mission has been clear; creating an organized post-purchase world, where consumers had "peace of mind".


Let's face it, we all have felt deceived or stranded after making our purchase at times.
Starting from placing an order, millions of consumers across the world grapple with a range of issues - from the basic uncertainties of order tracking to more complex problems like delayed refunds, compromised product quality, grievances, and even fraudulent activities like overcharging, scams and more. 


At Kuttl, we're more than aware of these challenges. That's why we are building the Kuttl app, dedicated to simplify your post-purchase journey. Imagine a space where your purchases are organized, your rights as a consumer are protected, and you become a more informed consumer.

Join us at Kuttl, where your satisfaction isn't an afterthought—it's our core mission. Together, we'll make your experience as a consumer what it should have been all along: simple, secure, and smart.

Have a nice day!!

Yours truly fellow consumers,

Varunesh Kumar

IIT Delhi, MBA: IIM Lucknow

Ex- Red Fort Capital, EXL, American Express

Parvez Akhtar

NIT Delhi

Ex- Amazon, Publicis Sapient

Ajay Rathore

NIT Delhi
Co-Founder & Ex-CTO, AiSensy

Ex-Leena AI


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